Niagara speech-language and literacy services for children.


Reading Gym sessions are suitable for ages 2 1/2 to adult.

Our main focus is literacy. We teach children to read, spell and print. We specialize in teaching a wide range of literacy skills; from the beginning stages of reading and spelling, to the art of essay and speech writing.

We have found that attending the Reading Gym is an excellent way to give any student a boost to enhance reading, writing, and spelling skills.

Reading Gym Inc. is proud to use the research based and scientifically proven Remediation Plus Program Based on the research of Orton-Gillingham, the multisensory and systematic R+ curriculum was developed for students who struggle with reading, spelling, phonological awareness, and printing skills. Remediation Plus is a reading, printing and spelling program that integrates phonemic awareness training and linguistic gymnastics.

Remediation Plus is the only program of its kind recognized by the Canadian Government’s Scientific Research and Economic Development Program as research-based, scientifically valid and effective.

Other Services

Articulation and Speech Therapy for children and adults

Strategies and practice for solving Mathematical Word Problems

Essay writing

Speech writing

Help with resumes, cover letters and university letters of intent

Pragmatic Language Therapy (Social Skills)

Adult Beginners Level Reading and Writing