Niagara speech-language and literacy services for children.


Mika V. (5 year old boy in the middle of his first lesson)

“I don’t want to stop - let’s keep going - I’ve been waiting to do this at school”. Later, after spelling and reading several words on the multisensory magnet board, he said, “I love this. This is CRAZY!!! This is so weird.”

Reading Gym Coach

“He cracked the code; now he can read and spell. That’s what this program does for kids.”


Joanna D. Brock Graduate and former Reading Gym Volunteer

“I spent a year volunteering at the Reading Gym and found it to be a very rewarding experience. I learned many techniques for teaching articulation and phonological awareness. It has been exciting to observe the Reading Gym students improve in a relatively short period of time.”


Erin K. (Seth’s mom, after listening to him read Dan the Cat)

“Thanks Reading Gym, my 4 year old just read this book out loud to me”


Samantha G. (age 8)

“I got all the words right in my sentences at school and no one else in my class did. My teacher asked how I managed to get them all right and I told her that I used my finger spelling. My teacher has noticed a big difference in me”